The party, finish their shopping and head to the Church to talk to Riclan

The fight against Zanzyks family continues as the party look to escape and Zanzyk realise just how much trouble he is in.



The party face off with Zanzyks mum and Zanzyk realizes things are worse than he thought. 

The party finally makes it to Zanzyks former home. But is it the welcome they were expecting? 

The party continues, to put together a plan and work out what options they have


Note -  apologies for the sound, I can not work out why the DM is so quiet he shares a mic with Zanzyk but somehow he is barely audible, I boosted him as much as possible

The party find the dwarf they were looking for and formulate a plan to see Zanzyks Mum 

The party finally finds the people left and Zanzyk and his brother reunite on not-so-friendly terms.

March 19, 2021

The Apology - Episode 36

 Apologies, all the audio for this one messed up so a short explanation of what our party got up to.

The party are forced to leave the Mycanoid camp and are herded to trap... a deadly trap?

A jaunt through the forest in the Underdark reveals creatures that shouldnt be 

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