October 23, 2020

A day at theZiggurats - EP18

Zanzyk and Azentys finish their strained conversation and then some of the party scheme to get an old friend back!! Then it is off for a day at the Ziggurats 

The Tiny Dwarf has been magically teleported again....

October 9, 2020

Actually Relaxing? - Ep 16

So the partey are actually relaxing on a beach, there music and hog roast, what could possibly go wrong? Oh yea an Azantys :)

Continuation from last week with Goddard. Zanzyk shows Alice what awaits him at home.

Goddard explains how the new gods want to operate and a few fractures in the party appear.

September 18, 2020

Welcome to Paradise - EP13

The adventurers arrive at their holiday destination and go hunting some Wyvern!

Zanzyk doesn't like seeing what has happened to his home, and the party decide a vacation is in order.

The trial day finally arrives and we see who will stand and talk for the Dwarf also Alice adopts a Kolbald, some dragon hunter she is!

August 28, 2020

A rogues adventure - ep10

Our totally not a rogue ranger explores the undercity and takes a job.

The Party minus Retsam meet the Queen of Prymoor to discuss the current political situation and Retsam has an out of body experience.

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